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Do You Have Sandwich Sense?

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(Family Features) - Nutritious meets delicious with a little sandwich sense, according to Boar's Head, makers of premium quality deli meats, cheeses and condiments. It's possible to enjoy good flavor while following the new Federal dietary guidelines, which encourage Americans to increase their daily consumption of vegetables, fruits and whole or enriched grains, and to be sure to get three cups of dairy products each day.

Many freshly sliced deli meats add taste as well as protein and nutrients to a sandwich without piling on fat and calories. Two ounces of most Boar's Head Turkey or Chicken, and many of Boar's Head Hams, are just 60 calories each, and contain only one or two grams of fat. Serve them on whole grain bread with a handful of leafy green lettuce, a fresh ripe tomato and hearty mustard instead of high-fat mayonnaise. Be sure to add a slice of Boar's Head Low Fat American or Lacey Swiss Cheese, also a good source of calcium. Now that's a sandwich that makes a lot of sense!
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SOURCE: Boars Head

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