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Super Solo Suppers

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(Family Features) - Small households bored with take-out, drive-through and junk food unite!

Meal planning for one or two is really smart: Make more one night so you have delicious options later. Thinking ahead saves time, money and effort, and exercises your creative spirit.

Make "Cook once, eat twice" your weeknight dinner mantra so entrees can do double duty, reappearing in a different guise. Grill an extra pork chop to top a salad later this week, chicken breast becomes a Greek-style sandwich, and broiled shrimp pairs with rice and beans for quick dinnertime flair.

Keep fresh produce on hand to ensure you'll be eating healthfully. Planning meals around salads - as a side or as part of the main course - keeps dinner on a nutritious track.  Crunchy Garden salads from Fresh Express have received a nutritious upgrade with more veggies like carrots and red cabbage that boost the flavor, color and nutrition in every bite. Let these versatile menus inspire your creativity.

  • Grill shrimp with pasta and add a Garden-fresh salad; save the extra shrimp to make a po'boy sandwich piled with crunchy greens and seasoned mayonnaise.
  • Serve roast pork tenderloin with rice and a crispy side salad tonight; tomorrow, slice and eat on a bed of nutritious romaine lettuce with mandarin oranges, toasted almonds and vinaigrette.
  • Enjoy broiled steak, your favorite potato side and a classic iceberg garden salad with bleu cheese.  For an Asian-style entree the next day, top romaine with sliced beef, red onion, tomato and sesame dressing.
  • Roasted marinated chicken breast one night is a sandwich the next in pita bread with refreshing lettuce and cucumber yogurt dressing.
  • Tonight's grilled salmon steaks with freshly tossed salad and dinner rolls inspire tomorrow's stir-fry of veggies and salmon atop a sturdy bed of greens.

Knowing what's for dinner tonight - and that fresh food is just waiting in the fridge - delivers peace of mind. Planning ahead also curbs the temptation to pick up take-out, so you'll be eating more healthfully.

Fresh Express, the leading innovator in fresh packaged salads, guarantees freshness and makes it easier to enjoy fresh and nutritious salads every night.  Premium Romaine and classic Iceberg Garden varieties come in convenient sizes, perfect for every household.  Harvested up to two weeks earlier than most whole head lettuce for optimal freshness, the salads feature crispy romaine and iceberg, now with more carrots and crunchy red cabbage for great taste and greater nutrition.  With each bag's exclusive Stay Fresh Seal, you can also help yourself to salad, and then reseal for freshness so there's less waste. Now, even smaller households can enjoy Garden salads, knowing they'll stay fresh longer in the refrigerator.   Check out family-friendly recipe ideas with contemporary flavors at www.FreshExpress.com.

SOURCE: Fresh Express

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