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Compete with Afternoon Chaos

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(Family Features) - Parents can rest easy when they are armed with solutions for busy afternoons and serious snack attacks. Olympic Gymnastic Champion Mary Lou Retton and Tyson® Any'tizers™ have teamed up to provide parents with tips and strategies to create a well-balanced routine for whatever life throws their way.

"I compete with my family's afternoon chaos by being one step ahead of the pack, which includes keeping substantial, frozen snacks, like Tyson® Any'tizers products, on hand," said Retton. "This way, I can show my girls how much I care by serving a warm snack that satisfies their hunger even to dinnertime." 

Mary Lou Retton also shares other simple fun-filled tips to ease busy afternoon schedules, including:

  • Grab and Go
    Create a closet for after-school activity gear - whether for the gymnast or basketball player - where equipment can be stored for quick and easy access. This helps everyone get to activities fast, without mom running around at the last minute trying to locate much-needed gear. This also provides an opportunity to teach children organizational skills.

  • The Power of Protein
    Afternoons and snacks go hand-in-hand because active kids need energy to keep them going strong. Make sure you are providing them with quality snacks that are protein-packed, warm and delicious that will help get them through the afternoon, whether with homework or at their gymnastics practice. Keep the freezer full of convenient, substantial snacks and teach kids how to fuel their bodies.

  • Engage Through Fun
    While your teenagers may act indifferent or uninterested with you, they still need parenting and encouragement. Use fun activities, such as a game night, shopping or even an afternoon chat, as a chance to get to know what is going on in their lives and to bond.  By approaching them during something fun, they will be more likely to share and participate in the conversation.

  • Constant Communication
    Afternoon plans can change at a moment's notice, so it's good to always have a way of communicating. Use text messages as a way to quickly get a message to your kids or always have your cell phone accessible, in case they need to reach you. Another idea is to keep a dry erase board with daily schedules on your fridge.

For more tips for balanced afterschool routines, visit www.tyson.com.

SOURCE: Tyson Foods

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