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Bake a Difference this Holiday Season

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(Family Features) - As you look to spread some spirit this holiday season, look no further than your oven door. Baking and giving treats is a great gift idea that shows you care. But what if these goodies did more than just satisfied the sweet tooth of family and friends?

This year, consider turning your holiday cookie exchange or annual neighborhood party into a charitable bake sale. Cookies for Kids' Cancer is a non-profit organization committed to funding pediatric cancer research by raising money through local bake sales. It was started by a mom of a little boy with cancer who decided to hold a bake sale to raise money for research. With the help of volunteers, she made 96,000 cookies and raised more than $400,000. Since then, hundreds of bake sales have taken place across the country.

You can transform your annual holiday baking activities into a Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sale and raise funds by doing what you do best - baking!

One of the best ways to get people craving your cookies and begging for your brownies is to make your charitable bake sale truly your own and stay organized along the way. Here are some ideas to help make it a sweet success:

  • Pick a good location - look at your community calendar for high-traffic opportunities.
  • Tie your bake sale into an annual holiday party, cookie exchange or event
  • Recruit family, friends and neighbors to help bake and share in the fun.
  • Involve the community by spreading the word at local community meetings, schools and gatherings.
  • Publicize your bake sale in your local newspaper and distribute flyers around town.
  • Plan the bake sale menu, keeping it simple with holiday-themed bake goods.
  • Make a list of items needed, from tables and tablecloths to posters and platters.
  • Start baking and freezing goodies weeks out, and store them in Glad Press'n Seal Freezer wrap to keep them organized and freezer-safe.
  • Identify the contents on each batch, noting any ingredients that may cause food allergies, such as nuts. Consider making some baked goods without nuts.
  • Store your freshly baked cookies in containers, such as GladWare containers to keep them organized, fresh and travel-ready
  • Wrap packaged cookies with colorful decorations, like ribbons, holiday-themed wrapping or cards.
  • Share your sweets with a smile!

The age-old custom of holiday baking, the fun of a bake sale and the spirit of giving to others will make this holiday season even more special. To double the sweetness, be sure to register your holiday bake sale online and Glad will match all the money raised by the charity in November and December, up to $100,000.

To register and access delicious cookie recipes, more bake sale tips and more information on Cookies for Kids' Cancer, visit GladtoGive.com

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