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Simple Rules for Savvy Cooking

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(Family Features) - There's nothing that says family cooking quite like a fragrant casserole served straight from the oven. To make sure recipes - like this Greek Chicken and Rice - are cooked with care, the Pyrex® brand has teamed up with Editor-In-Chief of Semi-Homemade Magazine and Food Network star Sandra Lee to offer at-home chefs a few easy rules to uncomplicate your kitchen.

"I'm pleased to work with the Pyrex brand to share these 4 Simple Rules. I've been a fan of Pyrex products for many years - using them in my own kitchen," said Lee. "The 4 Simple Rules are easy to follow and incorporate into your everyday cooking lifestyle."

  1. Always place hot glass bakeware on a dry, cloth potholder or towel. Never place hot glass bakeware on top of the stove, on a metal trivet, on a damp towel, directly on a counter or in a sink.

  2. Never put glass bakeware directly on a burner or under a broiler.

  3. Always allow the oven to fully preheat before placing glass bakeware in the oven.

  4. Always cover the bottom of the dish with liquid before cooking meat or vegetables.

Visit www.pyrexware.com for savvy cooking tips and more recipes from Sandra Lee.

SOURCE: World Kitchen