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Get Creative with Pork
Enter the No Ordinary Burger Contest

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(Family Features) Are your burgers the stuff of neighborhood legend? Do you love dreaming up inventive new recipes? Whether your signature creation is inspired by your favorite pizza flavors or by upscale bistro fare, we want to hear about it. Thanks to pork's versatility, even the most unconventional toppings make top-notch burgers. Whatever inspires you, you can't go wrong with pork on the grill - and your inspiration could win you free groceries for a year!

Thanks to the first-ever "No Ordinary Burger Recipe Contest," sponsored by the National Pork Board and Johnsonville Sausage, backyard chefs can share their spin on the traditional burger using new Johnsonville Brat and Italian Sausage Patties - for a chance to win big!

From now, through September 6, 2011, log on to www.johnsonville.com/burgercontest to submit your recipe and vote for your favorite pork burger. Six finalists-one selected by online votes and five selected by the Johnsonville culinary team-will be invited to compete in the "No Ordinary Burger" grill-off in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Two grand prize winners will be awarded a year's worth of groceries from Walmart and have their recipes featured on Johnsonville Brat and Italian Sausage Patty boxes. That should fire up your creativity!

Here are three ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Play up your family's favorite flavors: Love the spicy kick of jalapenos or the smoothness of good old fashion yellow mustard? Let your favorite toppings do the talking.

  • Elevate your sides: Try piling your go-to side dish onto the pork burger in order to create a two-in-one meal.

  • Think beyond the bun: Just because it's a burger doesn't mean it needs a hamburger bun.

For more great ideas on how to keep pork sizzling, visit www.PorkBeInspired.com and www.Johnsonville.com.

To ignite your inspiration, fire up the grill and tease your taste buds with this scrumptious pizza burger recipe featuring new Johnsonville Italian Sausage Patties.

SOURCE: National Pork Board