Jazz Up Family Dinner with Zucchini

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By: Bianca Miller (@littlehouseinop)

These Zucchini Boats are delicious! I have made a variety of different types of boats, but these have to be my FAVE. I mean, look at these little tiny pepperonis and perfectly melted CHEESE. Not to mention, these little boats mimic pizza with better ingredients and are SO easy to throw together.

Savory Cheese Balls

Cheese Balls

Calling all cream cheese lovers! If you are anything like me, you’re always on the hunt for new recipes to bring to holiday gatherings. I don’t want anything that will take forever to make or prep, and that’s why I fell in love with these Savory Cheese Balls. Most of the ingredients were in my pantry but with a quick and low-cost trip to the grocery store, you’ll have an amazing appetizer everyone will be sure to devour.

Sprucing Up a Breakfast Staple

Baked Oatmeal

By: Happy Leaf Blog (@happyleafblog)

Before we get into the holiday season, it’s time to remember that not every meal can consist of cookies, pies and candy. If you’re like me, you need a substantial yet tasty meal to get yourself through the shopping, gift wrapping and all those fun little to-dos that pop up during the season.

My Blueberry Pecan Baked Oatmeal hits the mark: It’s a hearty breakfast with the fiber you need to get your holiday spirit flowing through New Year’s. I love it just because it’s simple, satisfying, nutritious and a budget-friendly breakfast that yields leftovers. Plus it contains seven pretty-good-for-you ingredients! Meanwhile, the pecan topping is sweet, nutty and rich without a ton of sugar.

Easy Tiramisu Dip


Hi there! Do I have a treat for you today! It will literally blow your mind by how awesome, simple and kid-friendly it is.

This Easy Tiramisu Dip, served with wafers or fruit on the side, makes for a delicious treat for a few people or a holiday crowd.

With cream cheese and mascarpone cheese blended together to make a smooth texture and satisfying sweetness all in one bite, it’s the best way to bring together a festive spread.

Creamy Mac and Cheese Casserole

Mac and Cheese

It’s getting so chilly outside! When did that happen? Time flies when you’re having fun and cooking for loved ones.

I have one of my family’s favorite recipes to share with you today. It’s creamy (obviously), rich and literally everyone loves it. It’s a classic!

It’s a Creamy Mac and Cheese Casserole. It’s perfect for any get-together or just a quiet evening at home with family, but warning, there will most likely be leftovers. But that’s OK with me!


A Tender Turkey Dinner


Turkey in Crock

By: Lindsay Rutten (@lindsaymarieskckitchen)

As a single mother of two boys while working full-time, I make it a point to create healthy and easy meals with incredible flavor.

After a heart surgery at the beginning of 2020, I had to make some major life changes, and it began with natural and organic ingredients.

I decided a few years ago to involve my children in the cooking process at least two nights per week. At first, my children were not so fond of this plan but have grown to absolutely love creating new recipes together in the kitchen. It has become the highlight of our days!

A Sweet Eat for Breakfast (or Dessert)

Final Cinnaon Roll

By: Bayleigh Dinneny (@bakedbybayleigh)

WARNING: If you live alone, make these at your own risk. You may end up eating all 12 rolls yourself. A safer option is to make these on Thanksgiving morning and share them with your friends and family while you’re otherwise occupied, but make sure you set one aside as a reward for all that cooking.

These rolls are packed with pumpkin, both in the dough and in the filling. For the filling, you’ll reduce the pumpkin puree in a saucepan for about 5 minutes to release some of the moisture and concentrate the flavor. It’s worth the extra step, I promise!

Family-Friendly Fun and Food

Lasagna 2

By: Lindsay Rutten (@lindsaymarieskckitchen)

I am so excited to share this recipe with you all! This recipe is one of our favorites in my house.

My boys love creating this meal together as a family and enjoying the amazing flavors at the end. It is such a fun recipe to get children involved with as they will love rolling the noodles up! My boys also love pairing this dish with an antipasto salad and fresh garlic bread.

Blueberry Cake Donuts


Buckle up my foodie friends! I have something equally as sweet as is it scrumptious and I can’t wait to share. You make a simple, and I mean simple cake donut batter, mix in some fresh blueberries and dip it into a powdered sugar icing to glaze.

I told you, this ones a keeper!

This one is also great for kids. The little donuts fit perfectly in their little hands! And trust me, they will be back asking for seconds. 

My secret to a perfectly moist cake donut is to nail the consistency. Alternating the flour mixture and the buttercream gradually, allows the dough to set up, blend together and become just the right texture for a perfectly baked mini donut.

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