Cranberry Orange Pork Loin

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 Nearly everyone knows main dishes are my jam, so we are going to wrap this one up with something tried and true for the fall season. These Cranberry Orange Pork Loins are sweet, savory and tender, making them great for any fall festivity or holiday function.

 The best part is my husband loves pork, and they are super simple for me to make with just a few ingredients. The slow cooker is a great tool to use in the chilly weather. and will make your home smell so delicious. Trust me, you will notice the moment you walk in the door!

Strawberry Spritzer

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The first week in September has been a chilly one here in Kansas City, making summer feel like a distant memory.

If I’m being honest, I am so excited for fall; it’s truly my favorite season.

However, there are those sweet summertime things I am going to miss and have already begun to reminisce about.

The longer days, warm breezy air, weekends poolside and those summer recipes that just don’t have the same “wow factor” outside of the warmer months. 

One of those recipes for me is this sweet and tangy Strawberry Spritzer!

Starting a Culinary Conversation


Let’s set the scene. You push the doorbell on a familiar, yet intriguing house. Your nose perks up because you can faintly smell a scent of spice and sweetness coming from the kitchen. You make your way to the oversized table and every step closer you feel your senses go into overload from the aromas. Your taste buds start to wake up with excitement and you find yourself salivating in anticipation for the food that is about to be served. Then, Voila! You finally touch the fork to your mouth and every morsel is bursting with deliciousness. This is what I love about cooking!

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