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Holiday Treats
'Cot Pops

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Makes about 28 pops

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  • 1 (7-ounce) package Sun-Maid Mediterranean Apricots
  • 28 pretzel sticks about 4 inches long and 3/8 inch thick
  • 1 cup (6 ounces) semisweet baking morsels) or white baking pieces, or 1/2 cup each
  • Cookie sprinkles, holiday colors

    1. PLACE piece of wax paper or plastic wrap on cookie sheet and set aside.
    2. PUSH a pretzel stick into small opening on edge of each apricot.
    3. PUT chocolate in microwave-safe bowl, or separate bowls for each type of chocolate. Heat on medium power (50%) about 2 minutes. Stir until melted.
    4. HOLD end of pretzels and dip apricots, one at a time, into chocolate.
    5. DECORATE each 'Cot Pop right after dipping:
    6. Sprinkle with cookie sprinkles.
    7. If you have chocolate and white melted mixtures, dip a toothpick in contrasting color to drizzle stripes, doodles or designs.
    8. PLACE finished 'Cot Pops on cookie sheet. Refrigerate 10 minutes until chocolate is set.
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