Sweet and Spicy Game Day Grub

Sweet and Spicy Game Day Grub

On the weekends, I look forward to watching football games – usually because there’s food involved! And, I have to say, chicken wings are my No. 1 choice for game day or a watch party I may be attending or hosting!

When it comes to hosting the watch party or a tailgate, spending time in the kitchen is not ideal. You certainly don’t want to miss out on all the game day action! My goal with this recipe is to keep active cooking time to a minimum but create maximum flavor. The answer to achieving both of those things: dry brining, oven roasting and glazing.

Happy Holiday Peppermint Sweets

Peppermint Bark Macarons

It’s the time of year to take our favorite desserts on a walk down Candy Cane Lane. These Peppermint Bark Macarons will give you all the minty holiday feels. I dressed these macarons up three different ways and will explain how to execute each decoration along with the recipe.

Serve Up a Fall Staple

Healthier Pumpkin Banana Bread

This Healthier Pumpkin Banana Bread is sure to become a staple in your household this fall! Full of comforting, good-for-you ingredients and delicious fall flavors, serve warm and smother with nut butter for a tasty snack or breakfast!

This recipe is a marriage between two of my favorite flavors – banana and pumpkin. I have probably baked banana bread no less than 250 times throughout my life. (Exaggeration? Honestly, maybe not.) I can’t tell you the last time I let overripe bananas go to waste. In fact, the first recipe I published on my blog was a healthy banana bread recipe. It was modified from one of my Grandma Cookie’s old recipes. As you may have guessed from her name, she wasn’t as big into the healthy versions, but I think she would forgive me. ;)

A Sweet and Savory Holiday Snack

Bourbon Maple Sausage Bites

I'm back! This time with one of my favorite sweet and savory snacks: Bourbon Maple Sausage Bites. These bites are a perfect holiday breakfast, snack or treat! This recipe started somewhere and ended up somewhere completely different and I am not mad about it. That is what I love most about creating recipes; thinking you are creating one thing and ending up with something else.

These bites are savory and sweet with a hint of sassy (that’s the bourbon). They call for a few more steps than normal, but they are more than worth it and will definitely be a crowd-pleaser at your upcoming family get-together!

As always, let your girl know if you decide to test this one out!

Serve a Spicy Summer Snack

Stuffed Cheesy Jalapeño Poppers

Summertime is in full swing and the cicadas are singing! Gardens are in full bloom and harvest season is upon us. I have so many favorite “backyard” recipes, such as a wonderful basil pesto BLT sandwich piled high with hand-picked lettuce and a sunny vine-ripened tomato or fully loaded garden veggie lasagna featuring zucchini, tomatoes and onions. These fresh dishes are always so satisfying after a day of play in the bright summer sun!

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